A Testament to SADSA

Bill Giddings has written a moving testimonial for SADSA …..

My mother Georgie was diagnosed with Alzheimers disease in 2008.  In 2010 her husband, my father, died and she went badly downhill.

She started to attend daycare at Auchenday and what a difference!  Being a sociable and outgoing person she had people to connect with and activities to enjoy.

As time passed and the disease worsened, the number of days (at SADSA) increased and it became part of the routine of her life.

It was so noticeable that a day at Auchenday was far better than her being at home, no matter how many carers I had to come in, no matter what food and drink and entertainment I had arranged – she was always happier at Auchenday.

As her main carer, daycare gave me respite and peace of mind about her safety.  No more coming home from work to find the gas cooker on but not lit, or that she’d phoned the police because she couldn’t find a long-dead aunt.

It let me carry on for a bit longer working until I chose to retire to look after her.

All the time I was supported by SADSA – advice freely given on everything from her refusal to wash at one stage, to feeding her, right through to practicalities of purchasing ladies clothes for her.

Well sadly Georgie isn’t with us anymore but SADSA is and could well help you with the challenges of dementia care.

I will always be indebted to SADSA and the splendid support they offer.


Bill Giddings

Bill has kindly offered to be contactable through our office for anyone who wishes to discuss his daycare experience at SADSA with him.  Call Liz in the first instance on 01292 283954.