Testimonial To SADSA

Please read on for a testimonial from the Daughter of one of our service users:

“Dear Liz and all the team at SADSA

My Dad has been attending SADSA at Auchenday in Prestwick for five months. The staff welcomed my Dad initally to try the group (which we refer to him as Dementia Therapy) and after a little persuasion from their staff and my family, he agreed to attend. On those first couple of visits I was allowed to stay, but kept out of view. It was heart-warming to listen as the staff engaged with my Dad, to hear him laugh, join in in conversations and theraputic interactions. More importantly to hear him be a little bit of my Dad again. Thanks to the efforts of all he now happily attends and usually welcomes the arrival of his pick up.

My Mum struggles to support my Dad at home, it can be mentally and physically exhausting for her as she does not always keep in good health herself. In attending SADSA for two days this has been vital in reliving some of the pressure for her, and to catch up on some well needed sleep. Indeed, more days would be welcome if possible. Without funding, this service may not have been accessible or would have caused financial burden which would have added to the sressors that my family already have.

SADSA is a vital service, not only for Dementia suffers to be socialy included, but also for reducing pressure for their carers and family who can relax knowing that their loved one is in a safe and respectful environment.

On behalf of my family, we cannot thank you enough for the high level of service you provide for both our parents.